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B2B services, also known as business-to-business services, involve the transfer of services from one company to another.

How We Help:

A business-to-business transaction is one in which companies conduct transactions or engage in commerce with one another with the goal of selling products and services to other businesses. Business-to-business (B2B) sales are important to many companies. It is a profitable and expanding market. It does, however, have its own set of requirements and tools for selling, marketing, and billing customers.

Lead Generation

B2B lead generation, also known as demand generation, is the process of obtaining prospects in a new market through a variety of techniques, including telemarketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, content syndication, digital marketing, and online marketing. Via all of the aforementioned channels, where prospects have expressed interest in the client’s product or service, we assist businesses in generating leads.

It is a productive method for creating a sales funnel to expand your company. With the use of leads like MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads), SQL (Sales Qualified Leads), BANT Leads (Budget, Authodity, Need, and Timeline verified Leads), etc., we employ our tried-and-true strategy to influence the decision maker.

B2B Appointments & Scheduling

FastWay Solutions is dedicated to providing quality service over quantity. In order to provide this service, we first conduct a database search on LinkedIn and other sources to identify decision-makers in your target market. We then contact them, inform them of the client’s products and services, and determine whether they are interested in learning more. The fundamental qualification, such as “BANT” Leads or “CHAMP” Leads, is done next. In which we determine the difficulties the prospects are encountering, if they have a budget for the specified good or service, when they want to use it, and whether we are speaking to a decision maker. We then schedule a meeting with the client’s sales staff.

B2B Database Mining Services

In order to keep one step ahead of the competition, B2B Data Mining services offer 95% correct contact information, job role, industry segmentation, and other facts. By offering the most pertinent contact list, we can work with you to generate a lot of leads. We can discover their most recent details. We give you with strategic and personalised contact by utilising cutting-edge technology. We additionally confirm the accuracy of our material using a variety of sources and social / business media. We also make sure, if any invalid contacts exist in the database, to replace them.